How To Measure Dachshund For A Travel Crate

How To Measure Your Dachshund For A Travel Crate

For Correct Size Travel Crate

It is very important to measure your Dachshund carefully to ensure you are purchasing the correct size. This can be a little confusing – here are step-by step instructions on how to measure your Dachshund for a crate that will comply with airline rules.

When choosing a crate for airline travel with your Dachshund please be aware that an airline can refuse to take your dog on the flight for not having the correct airline approved crate and if it is the wrong size for your Dachshund.

We were surprised after measuring our Dachshund (Luke) that due to his long back he needed a larger cage than we would have purchased.How to measure a Dachshund

This is the correct way to measure your Dachshund before purchasing a crate for airline travel.

So get out the tape and determine:                                 

A = Length of your dog from nose to base of tail                

B = Height from ground to elbow joint                                            

C = Width across shoulders                                                             

D = Height, ground to top of head or tip of ear (highest point)  

Luke’s measurements:

A= 19 inches   B=  3 inches  C=  6 inches  D= 12 inches 

Kennel sizing:                                                               

Length of kennel = A + B                                                                                     

Width= C + l inch (3cm) x 2                                             

Height = D + 3 inches                                                         

Luke’s kennel size:

Length = 22 inches  Width = 14 inches  Height = 15 inches

Petmate Kennel sizes:

Small: 21″ x 16″ x15″
Medium: 28″ x 20 1/2″ x 21 1/2″

As you can see because of a Dachshund’s long back, they are often too long for a small cage.

Dachshund Luke only has 3-inch legs yet he needed a medium cage (by 1 inch!). Had I just gone into a pets store to buy a cage I would defiantly have purchased a smaller version.

Again, please check with your chosen airline and then measure away.

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Karen Larson

I love Dachshunds and support Dachshund Rescue. I created my How To Potty Train A Dachshund ebook when I found out some dachshunds ended up being surrendered simply because they were not house broken. Dachshund Luke travelled with us from Florida to Spain where we stayed in the mountains for 4 years. During that time I started this website and my husband wrote a book! We returned to Florida with a rescue Podenco dog called Puppy and a cat called Kitty Kat. I currently live in Florida with my wonderful husband.

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