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My name is Karen and I love Dachshunds!

My parents brought me a Dachshund when I was a child and she became like my sister. I was hooked on Dachshunds! I have not only been a mummy to my own Dachshunds but also fostered many Dachshunds in my home for Dachshund rescue.

Being a Dachshund owner can bring its own challenges. Although Dachshunds are very loyal and loving, they do have a stubborn streak and training can be a battle of wills.

My experiences with Dachshunds included learning the correct way to potty train, dealing with over and under eaters, emergency operations, raising puppies, international travel with a Dachshund, and finding the correct Dachshund friendly toys and supplies.

I hope that you enjoy my website and visit my Dachshund store packed with Dachshund approved and tested products from beds to toys. Everything For Dachshunds Store

Dachshund Luke is our little red mini who we love and cherish. He is a joy to be with and recently travelled with us from America to Spain.

If you would like to contact me please email me at: luke@dachshundluke.comDachshund Picture Playing With A Ball

About the Author

I love Dachshunds and support Dachshund Rescue. I created my How To Potty Train A Dachshund ebook when I found out some dachshunds ended up being surrendered simply because they were not house broken. Dachshund Luke travelled with us from Florida to Spain where we stayed in the mountains for 4 years. During that time I started this website and my husband wrote a book! We returned to Florida with a rescue Podenco dog called Puppy and a cat called Kitty Kat. I currently live in Florida with my wonderful husband.