Flying With A Dachshund – Make Sure They Get On The Flight

Flying With A Dachshund –

Make Sure They Get On The Flight!Dachshund-luke stamps

Leaving your Dachshund with the airline cargo department can be a worrying time.

You want to make sure your Dachshund gets on the flight before you board (or leave if not flying with them). 

If possible find a window with a view of the plane (your boarding area is a good place to start) and watch them load your dog onto the plane.

If you have prepared your Dachshund’s crate for a flight (pimped your crate), you should be able to distinguish it from the others therefore giving you peace of mind and confirmation that he is on the plane before you get on. 

Do not board until you have seen your dog’s cage get loaded onto the plane. Inform a flight attendant if you did not see the cage and let them know you will not board until you are certain your dog is on the plane. When they have checked and assured you that your dog is loaded, ask what the cage looked like. They should be able to describe it since it is unique. If not then this is the time to stand your ground.

Do not enter that plane until you are sure your Dachshund is on it! Better to be sure now than doing the lost dog route at your destination. 

Travelling on the same flight? Even though the ground crew has now assured you that your Dachshund is indeed onboard, ask a crewmember on the plane to confirm that your dog is onboard (before you take-off). Easier for them to be able to look and confirm if the crate has say pink stripes rather than the beige crate.

Continental Airline crew have always been very happy to do this on our flights and the Captain even went and checked for us and since our crate was different it was easy for him to spot. 

Now you can sit back and enjoy the flight. 

We flew Continental Airline and they had no objection to our cage of many colors but it is worth checking with your airline when booking your Dachshund.

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