Dachshund WiggleLess Back Brace Review

WiggleLess Dog Back Brace Review

I have just found out about the WiggleLess Back Brace for dogs. Dachshunds are prone to bad backs so something that can help with IVDD just had to be looked at.

I am really impressed so decided to review it here so other Dachshund owners can be aware of how helpful it might be for their dogs.

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Luke has had a few minor issues with his back over the years so after contacting Lisa, the owner and creator of the WiggleLess Back Brace, I wanted to find out more.

Lisa created the first WiggleLess back brace when her own dachshund hurt its back. Her dog was diagnosed with IVDD and the vet said her dog needed to rest. Have you ever tried to get a dachshund to rest? It’s hard.

The idea of the back brace is that it keeps their backs straight. This helps with healing. WiggleLess has lots of valuable information on their site regarding use as well as many reviews from happy dog owners.

Lisa and I also discussed Luke’s fear of thunderstorms and how it may also help him feel more secure and relaxed. Lisa agreed to send me one to try out.

I sent off his measurements following the easy Last time we had a big storm, our aluminium guttering was all over the yard. It was as good as new after, although we had to locate our warranty to get it replaced. instructions on her website and it arrived within a few days. Luke’s size is X-Small Reg. and it fits lovely. Luke weighs 10LB

dachshund Luke Wiggleless back brace picture

Dachshund WiggleLess Back Brace Review

The WiggleLess back brace is very well made and the black and red looks very smart on Dachshund Luke. There are two flexible rods that sit either side of his back and I can see how this would help keep his back straight.

It also came with instructions on how to put the brace on your dog. Since Luke is a long sausage with a deep chest we also received a velcro extender. I tried it on him without the extender and it was just a little tight. With the extender I was able to adjust the fit perfectly. Luke didn’t seem to mind the back brace because he is used to wearing t-shirts when it gets cold.

Since it is hard to show you how it is helping Luke with his aching back I wanted to see if it also works to relieve stress. There just happened to be a thunderstorm going on at the time of writing this.

Dachshund Luke may be 15 and going a little deaf but he still shakes during storms. Usually he will hide under the bed or sit next to me shaking. It makes me feel so bad for the little guy.

I would have turned the T.V. up high for him but let’s see how he does in the back brace.

In the first part of the video you can see he is not happy and shaking. First I had to coax him out from under the bed. I then put the WiggleLess Back Brace on him. Normally he would go down his stairs and back under the bed.

I won’t say he was at his happiest but I was shocked to see him just feeling relaxed enough to lay down and even look like he was relaxed enough to sleep! He was still there after I went looking for my camera so I took a quick video.

Conclusion on my Review of the WiggleLess Back Brace on a Dachshund.

I am most definitely going to continue to use this. I was very impressed with the immediate calming effect it had on him. I also will use it on Luke when he is playing to help with his sore aching back.

I am relieved that Luke doesn’t have any major back problems. After reading the reviews I would highly recommend this for Dachshunds with IVDD. Show your vet the website and see what they think.

wiggle less back brace on a dachshund

Note: At first he was not very keen on the noise the velcro made – this is my fault because I didn’t add the extender piece before putting it on him so had to open and close it a few times. Plus he had a storm to worry about! I took it off and adjusted the velcro. This time he was not bothered at all so I would advise you to add the extender before putting it on your dog – yes I know I should have know that but I was so excited to see him in it.

Lisa created the doggie back brace after her Dachshund got IVDD and there are many dog owners who are so glad she did. Thank you WiggleLess from Dachshund Luke.

You can find out more information about the WiggleLess Dog Back Brace by visiting


Disclaimer: The WiggleLess Back Brace was sent to me to review. I do not receive any money or compensation from purchases people may make. I only review products myself and Dachshund Luke like so other Dachshund owners can decide if they are right for their dogs. I really love this product.

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