Video Dachshund Luke Swimming At The Beach

Video Dachshund Luke Swimming At The Beach

Funny video showing little mini Dachshund Luke swimming in the ocean. Dachshund Luke may be a 12 year old Dachshund but he can still learn new tricks.

He is not the greatest dog swimmer but he looks funny doing it.

We spent another nice morning on Sunset Beach in Florida and Dachshund Luke decided to go swimming. We have been taking him to the beach for years but it is only recently that he has started to swim!

Funny Mini Dachshund v Puppy Video

Cute Funny Mini Dachshund Video

Dachshunds are funny little dogs but add their favourite toy and a puppy and things just get funnier. Watch our funny video staring Dachshund Luke and a German Shepard Puppy.

Dachshund Luke loves his toys and does not want to let the foster puppy play with it. The puppy is enjoying the tug of war and sliding Dachshund Luke across the floor. Enjoy !

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