Dachshund Care and Grooming

Dachshund Care and Grooming

Dachshund Care and Grooming is reasonable easy. Dachshund coats can simply be wiped down with a warm wet cloth, so due to their small size, the time involved is minimal. Even the longhaired variety just needs regular brushing and de-knotting.

However, they do need occasional baths – Dachshunds love to roll in anything that smells. The hunting dog instinct to disguise their own scent makes all the smelliest, deadliest things on the ground irresistible for a good roll in.

Although they love to roll in smelly things, they are often not very keen on water or baths.

If your Dachshund is still a puppy now is a good time to get them used to bathing. Do not over do it – perhaps every couple of months give them a quick bath.

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Dachshund Grooming

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